Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ink Portrait in Pointillism

This is a work in progress but these are a few images from the first 3 days of progress on this ink portrait I'm doing in pointillism.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Etching Metal with Acid

Lesson Learned Today! After experimenting a technique I've been researching on etching metal with Acid, I found it ONLY works with solid Brass. It does not work on steel washers or copper/brass coated steel washers. But it does indeed work if it's solid brass. Could be fun if I can find the right shapes to etch to make some cool pendants in solid brass!

New creations in my studio

These are one of a kind pendants made with everyday hardware. They are on a simple black cord that can be tied at the length desired. 

I forced these metal findings to rust through an acidic process causing them to patina. Every Pendant is unique because I never know how the patina will turn out. 

Once I finish forcing the aging process I seal patina. This way those beautiful burnt colors won't rub off and the pendant will feel smooth and comfortable against your skin.