Thursday, July 28, 2011

Feeling Plush today(O:

Russian Doll 14

 As I spend what time I have this summer being creative, I've been really enjoying this series of Russian Dolls. They have been filling my "sketchbook on the go". It's my book of little ladies that delightfully follow me around. We are going to drive down south this weekend to visit my family and I will be sure to bring my sketchbook with me on the road! I hope all my blog friends are having a wonderful summer!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Russian Doll Collection of drawings is....growing!

I've been working on a new collection of Russian Doll drawings for some new FANCY HAIRBRUSHES(O: You know...... I heard a few stories over the past few weeks of people becoming very successful with their Etsy Shops. The thing is, every story I heard was about artists that focused on one particular type of product. I have been racking my brain for what my product should be and it came to me that my fancy Hairbrushes were the one thing that sold out in my Etsy Shop. I'm really excited and plan to completely revamp my Etsy Shop and focus on filling my Shop with Fancy Hairbrushes with my Russian Doll drawings on them. Not only are they pretty but they are also practical. I love practical art, it's the Capricorn in me!! Also, I've found that these Fancy Hairbrushes make really wonderful gifts. So here I am starting out my collection of Russian Doll drawings that I will be transforming into fun and colorful Fancy Hairbrushes.
These are a few more of my designs so far:
Russian Doll 2

Russian Doll 3

Russian Doll 4
 These Hairbrushes are going to be SO cute, I can't wait to show you these vibrant creations I've been working on!