Friday, November 5, 2010

"A Rainbow For Rebecca" ROY G BIV

This is the first full rainbow I have ever seen. I saw it yesterday when I picked up my girls from school, it was absolutely stunning!


  1. Really thrilling to see and it is everytime, I don't think I ever not comment when seeing one.

    I like train graffiti also, sometimes I feel guilty for liking it, but it seems very artistic to me.

    Good to see you and thank you so much. Hope things are going well and moving along for you.

  2. dear rebecca - been missing your art terribly, but we just finished a move as well and are finally settled enough that I can venture once again into bloggy land and find my friends! Can't wait till you are settled in that fab new studio and sharing more fabulous are with us!

    Hope you are doing well and the house deal is nearly complete - ours took 4 months!!!


  3. Really! We must get a lot of rainbows up here, because I see them very frequently. Did you see the "full on double rainbow" video? It cracks me up.