Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Angelic Lady"

This is "Angelic Lady"

Here's a closer look!

This illustration was inspired by this photo of my Grandma (my Mother's Mom).

She would have been 95 yesterday if she were still alive. Here's a little story she told me once when I took her to lunch. After we were seated she ordered a Root beer which I thought was just the cutest thing(O: Then she proceeded to tell me a story about herself and my Grandfather.

My Grandfather was the most amazing watercolor painter. He enjoyed painting landscapes mostly. They lived in Newcastle, England and would take long drives around the English countryside until my Grandfather saw the perfect subject for his next painting. They would literally pull the car over and he would set up his easel and paint for hours. While he was painting my Grandma would take long walks down the country roads and pick all the beautiful wild flowers she could find. She was an amazing gardener just like my Mum and had this passion for flowers of all kinds! Anyway, she would take these wild flowers home and put them in her flower press and then she would make the most beautiful cards with her pressed flowers. After she arranged them just right she placed a clear plastic film over them to protect them, they were gorgeous! I just love how she chose to spend her time while the love of her life would sit and create the most spectacular paintings.

I wish everyone a wonderful Easter weekend!! I'm driving down south to visit my family and friends for the weekend. I'll be back next week.


  1. What a lovely story and a wonderful tribute to your Grandmother!!

  2. ahh... no wonder I was so drawn to this Angelic lady drawing... there was a really lovely story behind it ! Just beautiful.. both the drawing and the story.. very lovely ! I love you for wishing me all the good things, Rebecca ! :D xoxoxo

  3. Beautiful story Becca & so true . I remember so well!. They also travelled in Italy a lot. It's wonderful to have the paintings as a memory *~*

  4. Hi Rebecca,

    What a beautiful Angelic Angel and she does look like your grandmother in that photo! I really enjoyed the story about your grandmother and grandfather.
    Have a safe and wonderful Easter with your family and friends.
    I just uploaded a few Easter postcards to my blog if you would like to see them. :)

  5. What a lovely painting of your grandmother and a lovely story as well. She sounds like she was a lovely lady.

  6. I just love this story and your illustration is beautiful!