Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Sketchbook on the GO" page 1

"Weeping Willows"


  1. Just gorgeous Rebecca, everything is so in proportion, my circles and squares end up all different shapes sometimes.

  2. i am swinging from their branches.
    love it here. xox

  3. I love this, Rebecca ! I love willow tree and I love these girls wearing willows on their hair.. really like it a lot ! =)

  4. Another brilliant piece of art!

  5. This is amazing Rebecca. Is this for the Sketchbook project? It's funny, just this weekend I was watching the wind blow the trees and I asked my son, 'if you were to draw the trees with the wind blowing through them what would it look like'... he said (in a matter of fact tone) 'exactly what I saw Mom! LOL! With me I was thinking of drawing some ladies with the wind blowing their hair all in one direction and the trees in the background all blowing the same direction too! I think he is more of a 'realist' in his art.
    Hugs and blessings

  6. So lovely! Just the other day my friend and I were talking about how lovely it would be to be a tree with strong roots and the flexibility to bow and sway with whatever wind that blows! Hugs, TErri xoxo

  7. Love this!!! and perfect title too!!!
    Your details make me crazy!!!

    How are you dear Rebecca? Busy with little ones no doubt, just like me!

  8. Awesome!
    Enjoy the weather....I just cannot get enogh of it ... The sun, the water, the lazy days of summer...I really need to stop reading books, and stArt sketching again! lol

    Ciao Bella!

  9. Enough....oops. It's not me, it's trying to type too fast on my iPad!!

  10. How can your designs just keep getting better and better? I simply amazes me every time!

  11. Wow, so beautiful, your black/whites are impressive. Sketchbook on the Go is such a good idea, perhaps drawing in other places and different locations will bring new ideas and inspiration(though you never seem to be without).
    I feel the same way, have to draw or paint each day, or at least do some sketching or scribbling.
    Have fun joining your very active girls, x

  12. Becca I LOVE the journal page you wrote on Zoe, so perfect ,she is beautiful inside & out <3