Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Penny Lane Projects" stone wall

I just had to add a little funky to the corner of my kitchen. So here it is, my hand painted stone wall(O:


  1. wow rebecca you are truly amazing! It looks like real stone! I love it and I love to see some of your wonderful art on the walls there too!

    Great job!


  2. your amazingnesssss is building your very house! loooooooove it all! xox

  3. You are just unbelievable! I love the wall, just outrageous! I have been a way for awhile, going though a very sudden divorce and you are giving me so much hope about new beginnings and always being true to yourself and the artist within, no matter where you are(even though you rmove was a positive one!)...I love your work and your spirit! Thanks for sharing it all with us, with me...

  4. That's great! It looks nice with your table.

  5. Awersome...Your paintings really make it shine. I love the size of the large ones. I just love to pant big canvases.

  6. Great job Rebecca. I love how your walls turned out and the paintings are beautiful on your walls.

  7. This is a lovely room, such a nice big table for friends and family. Your wall is beautiful, it had to take a while to get that done as there is shading on each stone. I also love seeing those nice big pieces of your art on the walls.

    I know you came north from a mild climate, this has to be a little hard, and lately it has been rather mild and even rain which is not normal at all.

  8. Oh Rebecca this looks fantastic. I love your artwork on the walls too
    Happy New Year to you and your family

  9. Hi Rebecca,
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!
    I am new to your blog but your art is AMAZING! I looked around and love everything. :)
    I have become a Follower! If you can please visit my blog and look around and become a Follower too. :)
    Hugs and until next time.

  10. Okay, now this is sooooooo cool! Do you know I have wanted to do some aging in one of my rooms so that the walls look like an old villa from Tuscany or something like that! and this is so inspiring! I just am not daring enough at this point in time, but I know it will come!

    Now I am certain you should host an open house!

    ciao bella
    well done!

    Creative Carmelina