Thursday, August 11, 2011

Block Prints of my Russian Doll ATC's

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!!! 
It’s been registration week for my girls at school so between that and buying all new pencils and notebooks it’s been quite busy. While my little ones are playing or sleeping soundly at night, I’ve been working hard on this new collection….. Basically I’ve been in ATC heaven! These little block prints of my ATC’s are so sweet in a collection on the wall and they hardly take up any space at all! Anyway...... there are several designs that are available now in my Etsy Shop!!  Check it out!!!


  1. They look so beautiful!

  2. What a great idea!!! I love your creativity and this collection is just beautiful!!


  3. oooh, these are so cool - great idea! love your ladies!

  4. They are so gorgeous. They would look fabulous up together. =D

  5. These are such a good idea and look gorgeous. You have really come up with such great ideas on marketing these dolls. Well done!

  6. Rebecca! I love these - they are all wonderful and I love the thought of the size of them! Perfect!

  7. How Fun!
    They look wonderful,
    the colours and designs really POP!

  8. awwwww dorable! that's what!
    good for are so busy and that is never a bad thing for a creative mind!

    ciao bella
    Creative CArmelinA