Sunday, August 7, 2011

Russian Doll Journal Pages


  1. Absolutely amazing pages. I'm just taken back by all of the wonderful detail in your art. I can tell you take such delicate care creating each one. :)

  2. Gorgeous! I super-love the blue girl with the head tilt!!

  3. I had to come by and see, you have been working so hard and having a great variety of things.
    The journals are so pleasing to me. Of course all the art work that I have to stop and study each time I come by. Your whole blog is just filled with things and I swear one sees something different each time, or I see it differently than before. Of course I know you change things and add so it would be different.
    Hope your enjoying the summer.

  4. you allways share loads of inspiration.

  5. These are so beautiful Rebecca. I love your color choices and designs. Gorgeous!

  6. I swear! you must see patterns and colours when you close your eyes to TRY to sleep at night! You must dream in full technicolour! do you?

    brilliant! vibrant! and full of life!

    ciao bella

    Creative CArmelinA

    I think I must have already mentioned to you that I love your new blog look..your banner is terrific!