Thursday, February 21, 2013

Denim Cuff Bracelet 010

NEW Denim Cuff Bracelet
This unique Cuff is completely hand embroidered with silk floss, glass beads, sequence, antique pearl beads and a vintage button. It takes about 25 hours to complete one of these beauties. The intricate design dazzles with vibrant colors and sparkles. I used a vintage denim material for the base of the cuff and frayed the edges along the border. This pieces a simply spectacular in person and will be the most comfortable cuff you ever wear. The Denim Cuff Bracelets get better and better as you wear them much like a pair of jeans. This cuff measure 8" X 2 1/2" and fits a wrist that measures 6" to 7" around very comfortably. There is plenty of room to move the button if the size needs adjusting.

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