Saturday, February 23, 2013

Inspired by India

Denim Cuff Bracelets
By Rebecca
After traveling to India in 2009, I returned having gained a lifetime of inspiration. I was completely taken by the contrast of the taupe colored dusty roads and the vibrant women walking them. The Indian women walked along these roads balancing baskets on their heads, wearing brilliantly colored silk sari's, exotic bangles stacked up their arms and long black braided hair embellished with beautiful fresh flowers. It was simply spectacular. I've taken this experience and created a Denim Cuff Bracelet that in a sense, portrays this image I refuse to forget. The contrast between the frayed vintage denim and the brilliant array of silk threads, glass beads, sparkling sequence, vintage buttons and the occasional antique finding, all hand embroidered into intricately detailed patterns. This is my interpretation of this gifted experience I was so fortunate to have. No two are exactly alike.

Each Denim Cuff Bracelet takes about 25 hours to create. For me it is a labor of love. My trips to Antique Shops are always a treasure hunt for me as I search high and low for unique vintage buttons and antique findings that I can incorporate into my designs.

They are machine washable and much like a pair if jeans get better and better as you wear them. The occasional thread may fray along the edge and need trimming. This is normal, I promise it won't unravel. Each cuff measures approximately 8" X 2 1/2" fitting a wrist that measures between 6" & 7" around very comfortably. The button can always be moved if you needed it a little bit bigger.


  1. I adore your bracelets Rebecca!
    (It one of these moments I regret to live without money! :)
    Keep on creating! You're unique and so talented!

  2. Gorgeous Rebecca! You lucky lady to travel to India, I would love to see that part of the world :)