Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Dazzling Diva" Barrette # Nine

Dazzling Diva Number Nine is complete! I decided to take a few photos of this piece as I worked. I am finding that prices on these barrettes are going to vary depending on the length of time and amount of detail that goes into each piece. This barrette took me about 5 1/2 hours of pure bliss to create. I find myself drifting into my dazzling diva world and cannot seem to stop until the barrette is finished.

With this barrette I decide to cut out some flowers from a printed fabric and embroider the edges.

Then I added some tiny glass seed beads to add some dazzle to this diva.

A little cross stitch on her dress because of the urge to zentangle today(O:

Then I like to finish it off by closing off the edges of felt with a beautifull rich color.

"Dazzling Diva" barrette Number Nine available now in my Etsy Shop!


  1. Amazing rebecca! This is my favorite so far!


  2. Oh I love # 9 and the TRIO one as well!
    absolutely wonderful..and that you took the time to share your stages is great! all the crafting and love from the work of your hands....and in the's definitely YOU....!

    with a style that runs through all of your creations, be they fabric works, paintings....what have you.... it is all uniquely you and so identifiable! great job! that, to me, is the mark of an established and true artist!

    ciao bella!


  3. Hi Rebecca. New to your blog. Your work has so much attention to detail for such small pieces. Love the vibrant colour. Beautiful work.

  4. Hi Rebecca, for a long time I was off hair ornaments, but your work is lovely - it might just go nicely with my wild curly hair :-)
    Fadwa Al Qasem (the GyPsY)

  5. Rebecca; These are so beautiful! I am certain they will be a big seller! Big hugs

  6. Wonderful to see the step by step process here Rebecca- a true labor of love and inspiration. Have a Super Sunday!

  7. Hi Rebecca, lost you for a while, these barrettes are amazing, great idea as well. It is fun to see your art turned into such great pieces.

  8. Hi Rebecca, Stunning work - beautiful colours.

  9. Hi Rebecca, thanks for sharing your process. This barrette is so lovely with the glass beads, you have such patience but they always look like you have thoroughly enjoyed making them.