Monday, February 28, 2011

Photos to share!

I just spent the past five days with my Mum and we had such a wonderful time(O: This is the face I had sketched on felt last week.

These are a few photos of my Mum and I living it up!!

This was at the Milwaukee Public Market. Rick and I took my Mum for a wine tasting(O:

Look at these beautiful candy apples in the window of a Sweet Shop in Cedarburg

The art of bread making was displayed beautifully at the local bakery!

My dogs Paisley and Stella sitting at the table ready for tea(O:

My Mum and I at Lake Michigan watching the freezing cold waves crashing up on the ice covered rocks.


  1. This is such a heart warming post ! The pictures show 'Living and enjoying the every moment' and is very inspiring ! The face on the felt is gorgeous.. how you can put such effort to produce delicate work ! Thanks so much for the encouragement on my little one paintings =) I think I'm addicted to her now ! xoxoxo

  2. You're one to talk about stitches!
    I love, love all of the intricate stitching's so interesting to look at...all that texture is delicious!

    looks like you had fun!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  3. beautiful! treasured memories for sure!

  4. Looks like you made the most of your mum's visit, I just love the photo of you two sliding down on the snow and those candy apples look scrumptious.
    Your embroidery is lovely.

  5. Looks like you spent a wonderful weekend with your mum! The eyes on your embroidered piece are wonderful1

  6. What a beautiful MOM, if you didn't say where you were that could be white sand in that photo of Lake Michigan. Last week was bitterly cold it seemed to me.

    Such beautiful stitching, uniform without a falter. Then to me it is remarkable the expression you get even with the stitching so artful and like another blogger said it is fun to study and look at the direction of the stitches.
    I am waiting for some warmer temps with good light to take some photos of finished fabric journal and a good plan, also some tool to use in the presentation, it is hard to carry all that stuff and a cane and walk carefully outside. It is quite icy here yet.

    I had a very inspiring visit, thank you for all this beauty to enjoy

  7. I am so happy for you that you got to spend some precious time with your mom! Mine is no longer available to spend time with-it's been nearly 20years and I sure miss that! Lovely pics of you all!

  8. Becca I love the way this art embroidery came out it is simply beautiful!