Friday, March 11, 2011

Page 3 "I have a confession"

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  1. we really enjoy american idol at our house too!
    (our sons ages 12 and 14). these are some serious beauties above, confessing about this show! wow! xox

  2. GORGEOUS page, here. We watch Idol, too. It is an event here as well....logs in the fire....and popcorn! Love being able to watch it with my girls. You are right, we all have our favorites...but I am with you, I like Casey and Paul! have a great friday, Rebecca!

  3. Casey is my absolute favorite!!--but I read that's he's been having ongoing health issues--oh no!!
    I agree with EVERYTHING you wrote, and in the meantime, I read them on these MOST awesome dresses--unbelievable!

  4. Love your girls--well, I have to say I love Paul McDonald--he's so quirky and that million dollar smile!! I know he won't win, because there are people with much stronger voices, but for now he's my favorite.

  5. Love Idol and your sketchbook. I have lots of favorites this year. Casey, Paul, Scotty, James, Lorin, Haley, and Niema (sp) The talent this year is amazing. Hope Casey gets well and can rejoin the group, Love his personality.

  6. Hi Rebecca,
    I love American Idol and have watched it since it began on TV. This year there is lots of talent on the show. The judges are the great. Steven Tyler(love him), Jennifer Lopez and Randy are great judges. It was about time, the show got it right with the selection of judges.
    Love your page. The colors and composition SUPER!

  7. Rebecca;
    Great journaling page again. I love how you have journaled about American Idol because it shows that you can use your journaling pages for anything really! You have really come across a great idea and I am certain you will be very successful with it! Your pages are so lovely!

  8. Hi Rebecca - What a great journal page! Yes we love American Idol here too, especially my oldest daughter and I. Thanks for the comment and yes so far, we are ok here in Washington. We are on the coast, but protected a bit by the San Juan islands, so no news of any damage in our little town that I've heard so far...quite a bit up and down the coast though especially in oregon and California! My heart goes out to everyone affected by this mess! Japan is such a small island to have such a huge disaster hit it!
    Just loving these pages and I am very inspired by the color schemes you are using here too! Have never done any art journaling and I do keep saying I need to start!!!

    Smiles and hugs

  9. Rebecca, this page is BEYOND gorgeous!!! You've outdone yourself with these fabulous girls! And, yes, yes!!! I'm an American Idol fan too! Haven't chosen a fave yet! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  10. Love Love Love this page Rebecca. Just beautiful