Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Page 6 "Play Time"

Journal page 6

(click on image to enlarge)

Print of page 6 unwritten (available on Etsy)


  1. that bike! her hair!
    your every bit of magic!

  2. Very fun page, don't know how you keep thinking up ideas.

  3. Love her pants! Yes, I agree with Marlene, you've got sooo many great ideas! excellent, my friend. How many pages are you thinking of putting in the the journals?

  4. Oh my gosh Rebecca - this is my favorite of your latest pages!!! I totally understand the homework thing, and this year my son has a teacher that has similar views...we are not agonizing over three hours of homework every night like last year...it has been just wonderful!

    This piece has inspired me yet again!

    Smiles and hugs! Have a wonderful day!!!

  5. These are so gorgeous Rebecca! Once again I am in awe of your talent! Beautiful! I love the puddles below the bike! I really love your new banner too!Big hugs and many blessings

  6. This page is spectacular, Rebecca! And your mosaic technique is sooooo unique. I'd know your beautiful, vibrant work anywhere!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  7. I love everything about this page!!

  8. You are clever with your artful arrangement so people can journal in all the bautiful pages. You have to be havinag so much fun. You do create the cutest clothing also.

    I am very tired tonight and now I feel so stimulated and I really need to go put my leg up and rest a while. Doing art and some spring cleaning has me feeling this way.

  9. This is wonderful! Love all that you are creating.. wow! ♥ Darlene