Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flowertop Headbands 2011

Pink Shimmer Headband

Green and Yellow Headband

Silver Shimmer Headband

Funky Shimmer Headband

It’s seems as if 2011 is off to a slightly different start for me. Usually I am drawing or painting flower top ladies on canvas or in my journals. Something has steered me in the direction where I am now creating headbands so we can all actually “be” flower top ladies. Each piece is a unique, one of a kind original design. If there is one thing I love it’s to keep things fresh and interesting, so making each piece individually will keep things just that. It will also allow the person wearing it to be the one and only! There is something about wearing flowers in your hair! I can’t think of anything prettier than having a row of flowers curved across the top of a woman’s head. Think about all the head dresses that were worn back in the 19th century. This is a way to add a little something to your outfit whether it’s with jeans of a black cocktail dress; these headbands look amazing with everything!

The flowers that lay across the top of my headbands and barrettes are ones I’m making with found fabrics. Sometimes I mix and match fabrics to make a more funky and colorful headband. Then sometimes I like to keep the same fabric for each flower that will give the headband a more classic sophisticated look. I found some beautiful nylon yarns that have little fibers sticking out that look great when I incorporate them into the flowers. It gives the flowers a more whimsical and rustic look.

The ladies you see here that have the headbands displayed upon are ones I made from Styrofoam heads that I found at Sally Beauty Supply. My dogs got a real kick out of them at first. Once I painted the faces on them, my dogs would just sit and bark at them until they realized they weren’t real. I thought this would be a nice way to display my new headbands as well as using them when I photograph them.
These Headbands are available now in my Etsy Shop!!


  1. Hi Rebecca! I have one of those heads too...and I am always using it! One of these days I'll get around to decoupageing it up with 'Jane Austen Text' or something romantically charming like that!

    Your creative flavour is always you, no matter what form of art you are pursuing,,and that, my dear, is the mark of a true artistic soul! I love them! and hope you do well with them! They are so cheery and and funky too! Just like you!

    thanks for stopping in to see me...I've been busy planning my blog...and getting ready for my ONE YEAR mark!

    have yourself a great day!

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  2. Hi Rebecca, Your artistic talent is shining through in these headbands. They are gorgeous and so pretty. Don't you love it when your creativity takes you on another journey, opening up new possibilities?
    Here's to a wonderful 2011