Monday, January 17, 2011

Urban Flower Headband 3

Once again I was drawn to rich colored fabrics at the fabric shop. I absolutely love the combination of reds and oranges with hints of blue to accent. These are a few photos of my latest piece on Etsy.


  1. Rebecca,

    These bands are really great. I love the orange and red together too. I hope you sell a lot of them on etsy. Love the way you look wearing it too.

  2. These are fantastic- what wonderous colors and fabric- headbands are making a comeback too- beautiful work Rebecca!

  3. Hi Rebecca you are making it really really hard to pick a favourite now. I love them all.

  4. you are a creative machine! I love that about you!

    you too, Rebecca...are a household name...the other night...during dinner at the table with my family..I was telling them about your house..and all of your colourful painted walls...and my kids were I had to show them on my Mac...!

    you might be a digital friend, but you are a friend indeed!

    have a great day...thanks for stopping by!
    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

    ps...i want to see your shoe!

  5. These are beautiful Rebecca! ...and wait, WOW, I just glanced to the right here and saw what you wrote, about me, WOW, honestly you just made my day! huge smiles, here!!! THANK YOU, that means the world coming from you, I just admire your creativity and talent so very much! xxoo -