Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter White Barrette

This Winter White Barrette has been created with 3 layers of felt and embellished with silk embroidery thread, fresh water pearls and multi-toned glass crystal beads.

Between the layers of felt is a thin layer of aluminum to hold it's shape and add sturdiness to the piece. The clip on the back has been sewn on. There is also a thin layer of glue between the sheets of felt. This piece is solid and sure to be around for years.

This is a one of a kind original design. The barrette measures approximately 4" X 2" and has a clip on the back that measures 2 1/2".

This is a photo of my daughter Emma Grace (my little fashionista) as she wears my Multi Media Headband.


  1. Your daughter is soooo cute! Love the headband on her!


  2. Fabulous model, Rebecca! LOL!!! Seriously, Emma Grace is beautiful, and that headband must be the envy of her friends! Love, love, love your new winter white barrette. It's fit for a fairy princess!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  3. Your daughter is so pretty, I think she has a career there in modeling.
    Love this barrette, so sophisticated

  4. Oh Rebecca !!! I lost track of you somehow and here you are !! So good to see you again on the blog and your creations are still forever marvelous ! =) I'll catchup pretty soon ! xoxoxo
    These barrettes are so gorgeous and makes my fingers really itch to give it a try !

  5. I am loving your beautiful hair ornaments so full of Spring tidings and color. Your daughter is a fantastic model for your art- how fun!

  6. heheee....I do the same to my daughter...make her sport my creations so that I can photograph them! but don't worry....she totally loves the attention...!!!

    great work....keep it going girl, you are on fire!

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina