Thursday, January 13, 2011

Multi Media Headband

This headband is one I made with a combination of fabric and silk flowers. The fabric flower is embellished in the center with glass beads. I surrounded the center by sewing on some orange ceramic beads. The red nylon fibers add a touch of whimsy to this piece. A few square beads sit in the center of the silk flowers that I outlined with metallic gold puff paint. I got out all my supplies on this piece and had an absolute ball making it! On one side of the headband there is even an orange feather to tie in the ceramic beads and of course add a little pizazz. I had to call this one the Multi Media Headband because it literally has a little bit of everything on it.

This is one of those pieces that would look amazing with just about anything. It’s chock full of color and bursting with style(O:


  1. Hi Rebecca,
    Your headbands are great! Love this one and the others posted before. This one is just full of color!

  2. Wow, Rebecca this is certainly a multimedia headband. Great colours, so vibrant and fun

  3. Anyone would feel like a queen wearing this beautiful piece (and the others too!)!! Hugs, Terri xoxo